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One of several variants of the flag of the Strang Empire.

The Strang Empire is a Empire based in Minecraft created by DinocoDan better known as Danno on the 14th of September 2012. The Strang Empire is used to maintain control and peace within a Minecraft server. The Strang Empire is also Capitalist. Its also a Christian Empire.

If the Strang Empire was to fight in a conflict, Strang's would not use guns. Instead they would use swords, bows and arrows. TNT and TNT cannons along with Arrow dispensers are used.

People who are part of the Strang Empire are called Strang's.


The armour used by the Strang's are a Iron Helmet, Iron Leggins, Iron Boots and a Diamond Chestplate. The Diamond Chestplate is used by the Strang's to show respect and loyalty to the Strang Empire as of the flag has blue in it.
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A image of the Strang Leader in his armour.