The Juliards
Julian (left) Juliard (right)

First Appearance:

Series Two - Episode 1

Last Appearance:

Series ? - Episode ?


DNA Hologram Robot

Clone Of:

Julian Gruesana Jones

Created By:

Christopher Tottington


???, Upcoming

 The Juliard is a clone of Julian Gruesana Jones, first seen in Series Two - Episode One, Christopher Tottington created the Juliard for Plan D. 


After Plan A, B and C failed, Christopher depended on Plan D, the Juliard. After working on creating a replica of the real Julian Jones himself, he opened the cage and let it run free into the wild. The Juliard reached Julian's mansion and growled, tearing his way in. Julian and Bill fled into the golden vault room to hide. However, The Juliard got in. The Juliard got Julian and trapped him in the pool. Julian escaped but by the time he got back, The Juliard tricked Bill and stabbed him. Julian used his Gay Revive on Bill, which saved him from dying.


  • The Juliard is a clone of Julian Jones
  • Julian once befriended The Juliard, they even shagged once! Yes, Julian shagged a robot. But they soon became enemies again.