The Gay Gang is a group of Gays, created by Julian Jones , the most known and powerful gay god ever.

"The Gay Gang is a little group of gay friends" ~ Julian Jones

Little did Julian know, the Gay Gang has become very powerful and popular and is now versing The Straight Gang, created by Christopher Gaihaita Tottington and Andy Hillbreaker Wallace.

The Gay Gang won the first Gay War, the second Gay War and they both won the last Gay War.

In the "Gay Julian" Franchise, all the characters are played by real human beings. See the page:"Who plays the characters in the Gay Julian Franchise? "

Main list of members:

Gay Julian (Julian Jones) - Leader - Italian

Billa Jones - Co-Owner - Italian

Sebastian Gatewell - French

Syed Churchill - American

Ianto Jones - Welsh

"Captain" Jack Harkness - American

Dick Mccool - British

Yanis Marshall - French

Executed members:

Gaycubed - British

Samuel Kissinger - British