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The BS News Studio in "Ravine"

Ravine was a city founded by Dinocodan.

Ravine was founded after the Cliffside Grief in an
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Ravine as seen in the picture (NOT ALL LOADED)

attempt to create a new city which will not be griefed. Dinoco was joined by blobthingguy and then later Biffa72. Biffa72 and blobthingguy created the brand new BS News Studio for 2012 in Ravine. Ravine is the newest city and the biggest city in Dinoco's Server so far. This city is the second biggest on the Blobclash Wiki,the first being the HogWarts City .

Ravine has a district called "Memory Lane" which is full of old buildings from old cities.

Ravine has the new BS News Studio ,BS Television, Blockbusters the new Minecraft Game Show and next to Ravine is the Remake of the Crystal Maze. (The real Crystal Maze in minecraft got griefed by themadninjaguy)


The grief of RavineEdit

As of Ravine being the most developed and most important city in the whole of the Blobclash Universe servers, all of the players were shocked. Everyone was very upset and angry. The person who had destroyed the entire city was Dan8i, a resident that never griefed. He was instantly banned. There are no promises that Dan8i did it, but we are 99% sure he did it, due to him being the only one on Blobclash at the time.

The precedor to the city is Noxford city.

Old Screenshots, circa. 2012