Public bog Logo

The current public bog logo.

Public Bogs are a popular public toilet that were created by Minecraftian DinocoDan or as his friends know him as, Danno. Public Bogs are scattered along Danno's server the Unlimited Universe and are very popular and well known within that server. The bogs are also well known for having a under ground sewer with the incinerator at the end. The public bog motto is "Have a nice Dump". Public Bogs are also copyrighted by Danno.


Public Bogs were first spotted on Biffa72's server in the city of Stillwater on one of the main roads. This was when the public bog names were public shitter. This name had to be changed as of the shitter in it. After the people on Biffa's server noticed the Bog and started to become familiar, a hole system and copany was made under the name of Public Bog Ltd.