Ianto Bernard Jones
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Helper/Servant of the Gay Gang


Ianto Bernard Jones





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March 28, 1981


Jack Ross Harkness

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 Ianto Jones is a character in the Gay Julian and Torchwood franchise. He is mostly known to serve coffee to the Gay Club and Torchwood members, making him the waiter at the Gay Club. He is the newest member of the Gay Gang. Him and Jack Harkness go to Dom's Diner every Monday, and sometimes Julian comes along with them. 

He was an ex-member of the ill-fated Torchwood One and a member of Torchwood Three, initially serving as more a "support man" or "tea boy", but later took a more active role in missions. He first approached Captain Jack Harkness with enthusiasm about joining the team, eventually winning him over. Ianto soon became integral to the group, though his attempts to shroud his past impacted them in a bad way. He later fell in love with Jack and became his romantic partner.

Relationship with Jack Harkness

Gwen caught on to the relationship between Jack and Ianto and Ianto explicitly referred to being bisexual.

Owen made remarks about the sexual nature of Ianto and Jack's relationship and, after believing Jack was dead, a distraught Ianto breathed in the scent of his coat. The two kissed upon reunion.

When Jack returned to the Hub, he asked Ianto out on a date, which Ianto accepted. This was followed by another kiss between the pair. The existence of the relationship was confirmed verbally in a conversation Ianto had with Martha Jones and in another conversation Ianto had with Owen Harper. The first public display of Ianto and Jack's relationship was when they danced together at Gwen's wedding.

Gwen accidentally walked in on Jack and Ianto in a decidedly sexual scene when she stormed into the Torchwood greenhouse, angry about the secrets Jack was keeping from her. After their conversation, Jack called Ianto back into the greenhouse to finish what they had started. Later, Ianto expressed a little jealousy when Jack mentioned having learned about Project Indigo by meeting a soldier in a bar; Jack had to reassure Ianto that it was strictly business.