All about Gay Julian

Julian Gruesana Jones was an ordinary 16 year old, living in a large house. He had quite a lot of money and had a saturday job in a Barber. Julian had always loved quiffs. One day, he decided to join a site for Gay dating called Gay Rabbit Chat and within a week, met a 17 year old named Trevor Burton. Julian and Trevor dated for 2 years. Julian was 18 and Trevor was 19 when they broke up. Julian wasn't very heartbroken because he saw it coming. One day, Julian was feeling very Gay, and just loved everything pink and Gay. Julian realized how much he actually loved men. As Julian went to grab until one day he met up with someone named Trevor on Gay Rabbit Chat. He found out he had magical Gay powers, and knew that they would only grow. Years later, he met Bill on Gay Rabbit Chat and since then, have been going on Gay adventures with Bill. Along the way, Gay Haters called Christopher and Andy, two homophobes who despise Gays, come to ruin the pink sparkly rainbow party. Going through three Gay wars, Bill gains Julian's Gay powers. In the final Gay War(GW3), Christopher manages to kill Bill, and the Gays manage to win the Gay War. With the loss of Bill, Julian learns to carry on, lack of Gayness makes the Magical Gay Power lose its power. Julian's Gay Powers get weak and loses them. Several months after losing his Gay Power due to the lack of Bill, making Julian feel less gay and a bit depressed. Julian recovers and gains his Gay Powers back, since his Gay Powers will be the only thing to keep his Gay instincts alive. Gay Julian ends with a happily and not so happily ever after.

- In Progress -