Fat Fucker WoW Player
Fat fucker on WoW
Fat Fucker WoW Player With A Saggy Arse


Larry Lardarse





Hair Colour:

Black, would be white but there's so much grease that it's black

Eye Colour:

Bloodshot brown




31st October, 1974

Born In:

Arizona, USA

Welcome to the fat fucker WoW player with a saggy arse's room. If any one were to walk in, no one does apart from the fat fucknut, they would be overcome with the smell of dried out turd, piss and sweat stains on the walls. 

Fat fucker plays on WoW 24/7, he plays WoW as he sleeps as his brain is programmed to automatically play WoW when he is sleeping. When the doctors say that he needs exercise, he says that playing WoW is exercise as he's constanty moving his fingers.

Fat fucker's bed is skid-marked like fuck, he sellotapes a bucket onto his arse so he don't have to move to go to the toilet. To get out of the bed he has to jiggle his arse cheeks so that he can move, as he does so, his arse cheeks make a rubbery-squeaking sound due to the grease and diarriah, sometimes Fat fucker dances to this noise as he struggles out.

Several people that have been unfortunate enough to meet Fat fucker has smelt the diabolical smell which emits from his overgrown nest that is his armpits. If Fat fucker were to lift his arm, a strained sqeak can be heard due to all of the tangled up dry armpit hair crackling apart.

FFWPWASA with his daily low-calorie snacks.