Public Bogs are incredibly well known through out the Unlimited Universe due to their distinctive look and environmental friendly way of getting rid of ones waste. They were created by DinocoDan (Danno).


The public bog, under the name back then as public sh*tter, was found on Biffa72's server, back in August 2011. It was unfortunatley destroyed in because it was in the way of a road being constructed.

Environmental Friendly

The name public bogs name was changed to "Environmental Friendly public bogs" in April 2012 because of its well known environmental friendly system. When one takes a poo in a public bog, their waste is taken down into a mini sewer and then swooped away into the well known public bog "incinerator", where their waste is incinerated.

The public bog Mk III turd machine

The most well known look of the public bog is the Mk III turd machine model, this model is most commonly found in the colour red and always has a light fitted on top of the box.