Arnold Ketchum

Arnold Ketchum with his only Pokéball.

Arnold Ketchum, a wanna-be Pokeman master first seen in issue 1 of crude pokemon (renamed The adventures of Pokeman). He is travelling with two of his friends (Cilo and Drock) in the Sinep region.


He has very long arms and hardly any neck due to him being hit on the head by a mallet, causing his neck bone to move downwards moving and breaking some of his arm bones making his arms go long. His hair is also unusualy long caused by an operation which was intended to make his hair softer but instead increased the length dramatically. Another noticable thing is his trousers are pulled up very high making him.look like he has jack-ups - this reveals his pink socks. (Drock has jack-ups as well!).

Arnolds POKEMANSEdit

Arnold has 6 Pokemans on him, they are:

Name Powers
Pikachu Thunder Arse, Iron Shit
Bulbasaur Buttuck Seed, Vine whip
Charmanda Fire burp, Arse burp
Noltick Fire Shit, Fire Poops
Butterfree Butter Butt, wind fart
Dizzmacka Confuse, Dizzy crap